About Us

Science and Artistry Combined

Global Laboratories is a full-service dental laboratory that is located in Piscataway, New Jersey. We are proud to offer exceptional restorations for every case we receive. Our highly skilled staff uses scientific expertise to craft restorations that are top of the line when it comes to strength, durability, and precision. Our laboratory team is made of artists who use their attention to detail to fabricate restorations that are indistinguishable to lifelike smiles. Our commitment to the clinicians we serve is evident in every restoration we create. We want to be the laboratory resource you can trust for exceptional products that will ensure patient satisfaction.

Our Digital Capabilities

Our team understands that the best way to serve our clinicians is by full investing in digital dentistry. That is why we are proud to say that our lab is fully vertically integrated, which means that we are able to carry out every step of the production process in-house and never need to outsource. we have complete control over the product, so you can be confident in the restoration you receive from our lab. We are also a Sirona Certified Lab, so we can accept digital impressions from every intraoral scanner, including CEREC. Our commitment to digital technology lets us craft high-quality and precise restorations, so that you never need to risk patient happiness.

Global Laboratories provides exceptional restorations with lifelike esthetics through the combination of scientific expertise and artistic craftsmanship.

- Since 1995 –